Baklava: much more than a dessert

The baklava is one of the most representative dishes of Turkish cuisine. Despite this, they are not exclusive to Turkey, and can also be found in practically the whole of the Maghreb region. Baklavas are almost irresistible to those with a sweet tooth.

The international doner kebab

As we’ve already touched on, of all the typical Turkish dishes, the doner kebab is undoubtedly the best known and most popular dish. Its name translates as ‘rotating grilled meat’. And that is the essence of this dish.


Many Turkish restaurants serve a dish called lahmacun (or lehmeyun), which is described as “the Turkish pizza”. This typical dish does indeed look like the classic Italian meal, although there are several notable differences that must be addressed.The first is that it does not have any mozzarella (or any other cheese, for that matter). The second is that the minced meat that sits on top of the dough is cooked with onion, parsley, peppers and all kinds of spices. This dish is both delicious and filling, making it a great option if you’re in a rush at lunchtime.


The word ‘dolma’ translates as “filling”, or something that is stuffed with something else. In Turkey (and other Islamic countries and Greece), ‘dolmas’ are always associated with grape leaves that are stuffed with cooked rice and occasionally pieces of meat, which are subsequently drizzled with lemon.


Meze are the most typical Turkish appetisers: dishes of various salads, pickles and roasted vegetables (such as aubergines or peppers) drizzled in delicious sauces, as well as skewers of chicken, lamb and dried fruits.


This is the name given to a type of pie or pastry made from a filo-like dough, which is filled with a white Turkish cheese or feta, minced meat (or a vegetarian alternative) and some vegetables. The dish is also known as ‘boreca’ or ‘bureca’. It is often served with a Turkish tea. The spinach variety is simply delicious, so make sure you try it!


Menemen is the name given to the Turkish take on the classic dish of scrambled eggs, which is enjoyed for breakfast all around the world. In this version, the eggsare accompanied with small pieces of vegetables such as tomatoes, onions and peppers...


Manti (or mantu) is one of the most distinctly eastern dishes in Turkish cuisine. In fact, Turkey shares this dish with many other Central Asian countries, such as Armenia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.Manti is the name given to a pastry stuffed with lamb meat, bathed in a rich yoghurt sauce and seasoned with onion and various spices.


Köfte (or kofta) are meatballs, generally made from beef or lamb, which are mixed with onion and – as you might expect – seasoned with various spices. They are usually cooked over a wood fire and are simply delicious.

Mercimek köftesi

Mercimek köftesi are the Turkish equivalent of Spanish croquettes. They are, however, entirely vegetarian, as the dough used to make them is made of lentil flour (and occasionally wheat flour).

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